In consultation with the school governors, the Local Education Authority determines the number of pupils that may be admitted in each academic year.

Current Government policy enables parents to send their child/children to the school of their choice, providing the school admission number has not been exceeded.

The law allows parents to state their preferred school, but whether a place is offered at that school depends on the Local Education Authority’s admission criteria and the law on class sizes. The full admissions policy can be requested from the school office. If your application is unsuccessful you have the right to make an appeal to an independent Appeals Panel.

We actively promote our Inclusion Policy and admission for pupils with disabilities is planned carefully in advance.

We have an active induction process to support children starting their nursery and school life.

For more information or to apply online please visit the SCC Admissions site

Alternatively, you may apply via telephone – 01785 278593

Please come and discuss any issues with us so that we can work together to ensure a successful entry to nursery and school.