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Home Learning Activities (13.7.20)

The Y1 Teachers would like to welcome you to your new classes so please watch the ‘Welcome to Key Stage 1 – Year 1’ video below with your child.

Welcome Note from KS1

Year 1 transition work

All about me Activity Reception to Year 1

Reception to Year 1 Story The cautious caterpillar spread your wings and fly transition from Reception to Year 1

Reception to Year 1 Transition Activty Book t complete over the summer

Summer Reading Challenge

Spread your wings transition activity from Reception to Year 1


Home Learning Activities (6.7.20)

Minibeasts planning week 3


Half Lined bee paper

Jolly Phonics Actions Chart

miss ings-Phase-3-Buried-Treasure-Phonics-Game_ver_2

miss ings-phase-3-stepping-stone-activity-sheet

Mrs Callaghan’s phonics group read-and-race-game

Mrs Lewis qu,ch,sh,th,ng Read and Race Game

Mrs Lewis’s Phase-3-Tricky-Words-on-Writing-Practice-Worksheets

Mrs Lewis’s summer-themed-phase-3-colour-by-phoneme-worksheets_ver_11

Phase 4 trigraphs





t-t-19367-minibeast-description-cards-matching-activity-_ver_1 (1)

t-t-29397-colour-by-number-addition-activity-pack- (1)


Things That Make Me Happy Song


Home Learning Activities (29.6.20)

Minibeasts planning week 2

EYFS Maths Chilli Challenge Cards Minibeast Estimation

Jolly Phonics Actions Chart


Mindful Walk Adult Guidance

Mindful Walk Signs

Minibeast Estimation Poster A4

Miss Ings roll it, spell it

Mrs callaghan’s phonics group – outdoor challenges (1)

Phase 4 trigraphs

the hungry caterpillar days of the week

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week








Home Learning Activities (22.6.20)

Minibeasts planning week 1

Butterfly Template Free


Jolly Phonics Actions Chart

Mrs Callaghan’s Phonics group caption card read and draw

Phase 4 trigraphs










t-tp-1169-2d-shape-butterfly-picture-activity-sheets_ver_1 (1)


Home Learning Activties (15.6.20)

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 15th June

A Dinosaur Went Stomping One Day Song

C&L Dinosaur poem – Roar

C&L Dinosaur poems – 5 enormous dinosaurs

dinosaur matching game

dinosaur pizza toast recipe

Dinosaur Reading Challenge

Dinosaur story writing frame

how to make a frozen dinosaur egg

I am a T. Rex Playdough Play Song

Jolly Phonics Actions Chart

Maths Dinosaur dot to dot

Maths dinosaur size ordering

maths subtract from 20 cards (1)

maths subtract from 20 cards

Miss Ings group Phonics Phase 3 picture activity

Mrs Callagahan’s Phonics – capital letters worksheet

Mrs Lewis Phonics group ow booklet

Phase 4 trigraphs


Home Learning Activities (8.6.20)

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 8th June (1)

Dinosaur Movement Song

Dinosaur stick puppets

Dinosaur writing activity

Jolly Phonics Actions Chart

make a dinosaur fossil

Maths dinosaur add to 20

Maths dinosaur roll, add and colour

Maths doubling dinosaur eggs

Miss Ings phonics group qu,ch,sh,th,ng

Mrs Callagahn’s Phonics – upper and Lower case matching

Mrs Callaghan Phonics capital letter matching – dinosaurs

Mrs Callaghan’s Phonics group – capital letters

Mrs Lewis phonics group ur real and nonsense words

Mrs Lewis phonics group ur spotter story

Phase 4 trigraphs

scissor cutting Dinosaur egg template


Home Learning Activities (1.6.20)

1 more and 1 less dinosaurs

2D shape word mat

build a shape dinosaur

dinosaur colouring sheets

dinosaur fact cards

Dinosaur number bonds to 10

favourite dinosaur writing

Gratitude Game

Jolly Phonics Actions Chart

Mrs Callaghan’s Phonics – Phase 4 Clusters sound mat

Mrs Callaghan’s Phonics Capital letter tracing

Mrs Lewis phonics er 1

Mrs Lewis Phonics er 2

number pairs to 100 shopping game

Phase 4 trigraphs

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 1st June

Youre a Dinosaur and You Know It Song


Home Learning Activities (25.5.20)

Five Little Polar Bears Song

hot and cold colouring

hot and cold sorting activity

how to draw a penguin

I am a Polar Bear song

Make a penguin

Maths number bonds to 10 ladybirds

Miss Ings Phonics group Phase 3 pictures and captions

Mrs Callaghan’s Phonics group – phase 4 challlenges

Mrs Callaghan’s phonics group – phase 5 challenges

Mrs Lewis Phonics group – or sound

pack a suitcase for somewhere cold

penguin photos

polar animals bookmark


Reading – Phase 2 snakes and ladders

Reading – Phase 3 snakes and ladders

Reading – Phase 4 snakes and ladders

Reading – Phase 5 snakes and ladders

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 25th May



Home Learning Activities (18.5.20)

African animals word mat

Alice the camel song

All about me dice

Camel ears headband

camel mask

elephant templates

English writing frame

Maths 3D Shape challenges

Maths common 3D shapes

Maths number – Rainbow-to-10

Maths Number bonds to 10

Miss Ings phonics group sorting cards

Mrs Callaghan’s phonics group the beach

Mrs Callaghan’s phonics group tricky words

Mrs Lewis Phonics group ar

Mrs Lewis phonics group real and nonsense words

Patterened Indian elephant ideas

PSED Being kind challenge

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 18th May


Home Learning Activities (11.5.20)

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 11th May

Newsletter – Reception on Tour Topic

Around my home song

EAD union Jack flag

English postcard writing

Maths colour by numbers houses and homes

Mrs Callaghan’s phonics group – remembering vowels

PD VE day colouring

The Transport Song

T-L-Miss Ings Phonics group igh







Home Learning Activities (4.5.20)

letter wk beg 4th may

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 4th May

Maths – number halving

Maths SSM British Coins

Phase 5 Tricky words Mrs Callaghan’s group

Phase 5 tricky words word search – Mrs Callaghan’s group

Phonics Phase 3 Mrs Lewis group ie

Phonics Phase 3 Mrs Lewis group oa

Roll and Read ear Miss Ings Phonics Group

design yoour own pirate flag

EAD cardboard tube pirate

Fruity Pirate Ship recipe

Pirate dot to dots

Pirate Jobs Song

PSED Snakes and Ladders Game

UW Science experiment – ship sails





Home Learning (27.4.20)

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 27th April

English – pirate reading record

English – writing pirate picture

I’m a pirate song

Phonics Miss Ings group – igh

Phonics Mrs Callaghan’s group Phase 4

Phonics Mrs Lewis group – ai and ee

Maths Number – pirate doubles

EAD create your own treasure map

Physical – cut and stick pirates

PSED Stick puppets



Home learning work suggestions (20.4.20)

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 20th April

letter for parents 20.4.20

A Pirates Life for me – newsletter for parents

English reaading – phase 3 tricky words

English reading Phase 4 tricky words

English Reading – Phase 5 tricky words

English writing – If I were a Pirate

Making a Pirate Hat

Maths – pirate 2D shapes

pirate colouring pages

Pirate masks

PSED feelings faces

Talk like a pirate guide



Please see this extra letter form Bella Bee (10.4.20)

letter from Bella Bee

Home Learning work suggestions. (9.4.20)

Mrs Callaghan and Miss Ings have had some requested for something extra for this week so please find below extra suggestions. There will be another update on Monday 20th April.

Reception Weekly Planner week beginning 13th April

letter from staff 13.4.20

Maths – days of the week

Maths – months of the Year

Maths – morning, afternoon song

Maths – numbers to 20

Maths Days of the week

Maths challenge – missing numbers to 100

Phase 3 tricky words

Phase 4 Easter word Mosaic

Phase 4 tricky words

Phase 5 tricky words

Reception Reading Phase 2

Reception Reading Phase 3

Reception Reading Phase 4

Art – make a crab

Recipe for playdough

Understanding the World – frozen sea

Understanding the World – How fish breathe



Remember there is NO expectation for you to do any or all of this work. Use it to suit your needs. The next update will be on Monday 20th April.

You can contact these teachers on their school emails directly


Reception Weekly Planner w

Under the sea centre



Today you will find links to a letter from your teachers. They are all missing you so  much. If you wish to write to them you can send them an email to


A letter from Mrs Callaghan

A letter from Miss Ings